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About Axiell

Axiell Group AB is a leading provider of IT solutions for archives and museums, and the third largest supplier of IT solutions for libraries

We are a technology business but our business is not technology.

Our customers provide services that shape democracy, culture, literacy and education. We have made it our business to lead the digitalization of these services, making them more accessible and attractive to their consumers. We build technology that fosters enlightenment, equality, the right to education, cultural heritage and preservation, and information sharing.

We are close to our customers in many ways. We share a belief in service to our communities and a commitment to the principles of democracy. Our motto is Close to the Customer, and it underlies all that we do.

Axiell’s journey from local developer to global market leader began in Sweden with development of the BIBS library system. By the late 1980s, BIBS was the system of choice in Swedish public libraries and Axiell was leading the development of graphical applications in library systems, maps and self-service programs. Over the next two decades Axiell emerged as the major player in the Scandinavian Library sector, with a growing presence in the UK.

The following years saw diversification into related areas and by 2013 the company had three arms: Axiell Public Library, Axiell Education & Media, and Axiell Archives, Libraries and Museums (ALM). With the acquisition of four leading ALM brands - Adlib, Calm, EMu and Mimsy – Axiell ALM was established as The Number 1 in Collections Management Technology.

As of 2016 Axiell has more than 300 employees in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Sweden, the UK and the USA. Our systems are in use in more than 3400 institutions across 55 countries. We are an international and sustainable supplier for the mission critical systems of collecting institutions.

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We invite you to explore why we are The Number 1 in Collections Management Technology. Discover how we help collecting institutions realise their vision, bringing their collection to life for its audience.

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