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Our Archives solutions have evolved over three decades and today manage some of the most significant archives in the world, including BBC, Bank of England, Middle East Centre Archive and HSBC, as well as a large number of local authority, government and university archives

With over 400 institutions managing their archives with our systems, you can be assured that our solutions will enable you to manage your archive to the highest possible standards while facilitating access to your collections.

For institutions with collections that include Museum and / or Library collections alongside their Archives, we provide integrated collections management solutions.

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  • Catalogue archives to ISAD(G), IRAD, DACS, SAAR (CPF) standards, and comply with NCA Rules for the Construction of Personal, Place and Corporate Names, as well as Dublin Core.
  • Store, link and manage data using sophisticated hierarchy based data structure.
  • Ensure consistency of authority terms by linking to external thesauri and people databases.
  • Store and link a wide variety of multimedia and text files.
  • Manage mass imports from existing data sets.
  • Import / export in xml formats, including EAD.
  • Manage physical records, born digital and digital copies.
  • Perform simple keyword searches through to expert searches by date, reference number, hierarchy level, keywords, associated subject, events and people.
  • Manage exact physical locations using hierarchies of locations.
  • Create flexible reports to monitor data quantity, quality and trends.
  • Integrate with your website to allow online searching.
  • Link images and documents to records to allow online access to digitised collections.
  • Create workflows to manage reading room requests efficiently.
  • Allow detailed searching or browsing by category and make hierarchies available to the public to explore.
  • Publish records to national and international archive databases.
  • Automatically generate finding aids.
  • Manage assessments and treatments of objects and records.
  • Store detailed condition check information.
  • Manage treatments schedule and condition checks.
  • Monitor digitisation of collections.
  • Easily manage user permissions and access to records and authority files to adhere to data protection rules.
  • Stay in control of which collections are publicly accessible and which are confidential.
  • Store full audit trails of movements of records and collections.
  • Create efficient workflows to manage conservation, reading room requests, digitisation processes, etc.
  • Manage user requests in the reading room and the retrieval and return of records using barcode scanning.
  • Create simple data entry process to increase efficiency and accuracy of data entry.
  • Create reports to monitor the progress and efficiency of routine activities and projects.
  • Integrate your collections management systems with library systems to create one single source of data.
  • Integrate with your website using styling that matches the host sites.
  • Integrate with other systems using our open API to minimise manual data transfer.
  • Share best practice tips with other Axiell users using our online chat forum.
  • Attend annual user forums with other archivists to network and share ideas.
  • Be safe in the knowledge that our future software development is continuously driven by the needs of our large archives customer base.


Susanne Keyte, Archivist, Royal Albert Hall

The solution goes with the flow of what archivists do. I find that it handles the complete workflow for an archivist efficiently and effectively. I can get an instant visual representation of the complete archive, which I find extremely valuable, and adding the strong support for managing digital born content, it really is a solution any archivist would benefit from working with.
Christopher Hilton, The Wellcome Library

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Details about features and functionality, and how our products address archives and records collections management, can be found in the description of each product; take a look at our Case Studies for details about how our customers use our software; and, of course, talk to us.

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