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Art Collections and Galleries

Flexible systems, built around the needs of your arts collection

Art Collections and Galleries

Our powerful collections management systems have been developed to meet the needs of some of the most prestigious arts institutions in the world, including Van Gogh Museum, Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain and Salvador Dali Museum. We’ve worked closely with our customers for more than three decades to develop functionality and workflows that support all the processes involved in managing arts collections.

But not every gallery manages its collections in the same way. Our systems are designed to allow you to customise the software to meet your own needs and priorities.

Click the plus buttons below for details about how our software can help you to:

  • Tailor the system to your needs: customise workflows to support your specific processes for collections management.
  • Create different user interfaces to cater for users with different needs and systems skills: from simple and easy to use, to sophisticated and powerful.
  • Manage both your physical collections information and digital collections in one system.
  • Manage and track collections information, including valuations, images, insurance information, condition checks.
  • Adhere to standards, including SPECTRUM, CIDOC CRM , CDWA, CCO, and more.
  • Publish your collections online and increase your online presence.
  • Integrate with your website using styling which matches your branding.
  • Allow detailed online searching or browsing by category.
  • Manage a wide variety of media types: audio, image, moving image and documents.
  • Link multimedia files and documents to records to allow online access to digitised collections.
  • Track and record the full exhibitions development and design process.
  • Use interfaces that allow registrars, curators, and exhibit designers to engage in a collaborative exhibit design process.
  • Easily find, group and shortlist collections for upcoming exhibitions.
  • Quickly identify the status and availability of works of art.
  • Quickly access object information for interpretation and store for future use.
  • Allow users to interact with exhibition content from their own devices, including support for social media interaction and sharing.
  • Store valuations for rare works of art and manage associated documentation.
  • Create flexible workflows to manage the conservation process.
  • Document conditions and treatment reports and manage associated images.
  • Manage transport and care requirements instructions with labelling and barcode functionality.
  • Track and monitor trap and pest information via Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools.
  • Retain control over incoming and outgoing loans.
  • Create task templates and workflows to support the accessioning process.
  • Generate and store appraisals, insurance, conservation and condition reports.
  • Quickly generate loan agreements.
  • Create automatic reminder notifications for loan.
  • Track the crating and shipping process.
  • Create flexible reports to monitor the statistics that matter to your organisation or department.
  • Automate reporting for consistency and time saving.
  • Export collections information to a variety of applications and formats.
  • Match the styling of your reports to your branding and requirements.
  • Manage user permissions and authorities for access to collections data.
  • Stay in control of which collections are publicly accessible and which are confidential.
  • Store full audit trails of movements of records and collections.

Customer Case Study: Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

One and a half million people visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam last year, an impressive figure for a relatively small museum. The institution is now taking a new approach to presenting Van Gogh's works, increasing access digitally, and deepening our understanding of the Dutchman who, in his brief ten years as a working artist, changed art forever... Read more

Axiell has helped us develop an online collection that represents more than 80% of our holdings. This increased access to our collection has resulted in our museum’s website being a top destination for researchers and publishers around the globe.
Emily Olson, Amon Carter Museum of American Art
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