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Our Customers

All of our data was previously fragmented in 26 different systems. Our 200 employees can now efficiently manage all functions in a crossover Axiell system.
Nikola Etink. Sector Manager at the Van Gogh Museum
Once everything was ready for the switch to Axiell’s Adlib system, progress was swift. It was up and running at full speed in two months.
Ronald Loeff, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Hague
The old IT system was a dinosaur. The new system paid off in a year – despite numerous customised solutions. Everyone now has a completely different overview, accessibility and considerably shorter lead-times.
Els Alebregtse, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Hague
More and more of van Gogh’s world is going to become accessible on the net. Axiell is our partner and a great help to us in various decisions here as well.
Nikola Etink. Sector Manager at the Van Gogh Museum
We work very hard at building, editing and sharing our database, and are continually challenged to make the process more efficient and comprehensive. We find that the folks at Axiell are as determined as we are to meet these challenges, and we feel privileged to have them our partner in this work.
Barbara M. Thiers, New York Botanical Garden
[EMu] benefits you in so many ways. It really improves your work, allowing you to accomplish so much more.
Paula Destefano, Winterthur Museum, Gallery & Garden
We have never been told no, you can’t do something. Sometimes it takes a little bit more thought, and sometimes we’ve been gently guided in a slightly different direction, but we’ve learned to trust the Axiell Support team because we have never been steered wrong.
Barbara M. Thiers, New York Botanical Garden
I found the company to be extremely approachable, and that is a very important consideration, it was actually one of our key components when we were doing the RFP originally. The staff seemed to have a particular affinity for user needs and responsiveness to users. And the other thing too is that there seemed to be a core number of individuals in the company who in our case understood natural history, at least at an operational level, and so having those relationships with the staff over many years is very very important to us and I imagine for many other clients too.
Larry Gall, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
The solution goes with the flow of what archivists do. I find that it handles the complete workflow for an archivist efficiently and effectively. I can get an instant visual representation of the complete archive, which I find extremely valuable, and adding the strong support for managing digital born content, CALM really is a solution any archivist would benefit from working with.
Christopher Hilton, The Wellcome Library
Axiell and the collection management solution Adlib proved beyond a doubt that they could meet our needs for streamlined workflows and our ambition to digitise our collection and make it available online, while maintaining control of the data and ensuring a positive ROI for the project.
Grace Lei, Macao Museum
The Museum has been using EMu to manage its broad collection of objects since 2003. It has proven to be a comprehensive and powerful tool for all facets of our collection management needs, including the implementation of many customised features. EMu has made it possible to unify our various cataloguing requirements and it has opened up our collection information for better access and export. Customer support has always been delivered in a timely, helpful and friendly way.
Karen Biddle, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Powerhouse Museum
The Natural History Museum was delighted that the EMu implementation was delivered on time and under budget, and is probably the first science project to achieve this.
Graham Higley, Natural History Museum (UK)
The existence of a single database covering all specimens - zoological, entomological, palaeontological, botanical & mineralogical - has been a major factor in improving efficiency and optimising consistent business processes across the Museum.
Graham Higley, Natural History Museum (UK)
EMu has been chosen by Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain as its collection management system because of its ability to be adapted to our logistical requirements. EMu is a tool that will allow us to trace the movements of each work of art as well as gathering and storing all technical information together in a database which is integrated and user-friendly.
Alanna Minta Jordan, Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain
Our ability now to be online and to have people access our collection in that way to complete research is really helping us to fulfil the mission to the public.
Paula Destefano, Winterthur Museum, Gallery & Garden
Implementation of EMu in the Fish Group at the Natural History Museum has had a dramatic effect. It has empowered our curators to enhance the Fish Collection in ways not possible before and enabled them to grow in their jobs and become more professional as collection managers.
Dr. Darrell J. Siebert, Natural History Museum (UK)
Management of our collections has improved considerably since installing EMu. We now have a consistent system in use throughout the Museum, allowing users to query the data for research, learning & enjoyment. The addition of community-based Narratives has reconnected the Museum and its collections to source communities and users around the world.
Malcolm Chapman, Manchester Museum
I wouldn't look anywhere else. Adaptable to your needs and a flexible approach.
Malcolm Chapman, The Hunterian
Definitely consider EMu as the support team are fantastic and respond extremely quickly. EMu is a very powerful tool and we've only scratched the surface of its capability so far.
Jennifer Dunner, Scarborough Museums Trust
Axiell products have helped us combine our fine art collection with our archives collection on the same database, enriching the collection search results for all users.
Emily Olson, Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Axiell has helped us develop an online collection that represents more than 80% of our holdings. This increased access to our collection has resulted in our museum’s website being a top destination for researchers and publishers around the globe.
Emily Olson, Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Customised Axiell training helped me seamlessly take over the Database Administrator position and the Axiell support team has been an amazing resource for me personally. I know I can ask them anything and they will have a solution for me.
Emily Olson, Amon Carter Museum of American Art