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Integrated collections management solutions for your library


Designed for managing collections, information and knowledge, our Libraries solutions have been deployed by business, government, higher education, healthcare, cultural and legal institutions for more than 30 years. As well as managing typical library collections (books, audio-visual material, serials, articles, etc.), our customers manage collections of maps, historical publications, games, reports, digital assets, and more.

For institutions with collections that also include Museum and / or Archive collections, we provide integrated collections management solutions, allowing you to manage your library assets holistically.

Axiell also provides innovative end-to-end technology solutions for Public Libraries.

Click the plus buttons below for details about how our software can help you to:

  • Manage valuable objects, archival records, AV materials and electronic files all in one place.
  • Perform simple to powerful searches to easily find and group records.
  • Track physical locations of objects in storage and manage storage requirements.
  • Ensure consistency of authority terms by linking to external thesauri and people databases.
  • Create flexible reports to monitor your collections statistics.
  • Create secure and efficient workflows to manage reading room requests.
  • Integrate with your website to allow online searching.
  • Link images and documents to records to allow online access to digitised collections.
  • Allow detailed searching or browsing by category.
  • Publish records to national and international archive databases.
  • Store valuations for rare objects and manage associated documentation.
  • Document conditions and the conservation process and manage associated imagery.
  • Create workflows to manage the conservation process.
  • Manage handling and care requirements instructions with labelling and barcode functionality.
  • Integrate your collections management systems with library systems to create one single source of data.
  • Reduce the support time needed to manage multiple systems with different vendors.
  • Integrate with your website using styling that matches the host sites.
  • Integrate with other systems using our open API to minimise manual data transfer.
  • Easily find, group and shortlist collections for upcoming exhibitions.
  • Quickly identify the status and availability of objects.
  • Quickly access object information for interpretation and store for future use.
  • Generate loan agreements and manage associated legal documents.
  • Generate automatic notifications for loan reminders.
  • Create task templates to support the accessioning process.
  • Support workflows for accessioning and loans.
  • Manage conditions checks.
  • Generate and store relevant legal and rights information.
  • Minimise at risk data by utilising one central system for your collections.
  • Use specially built rapid data entry tools to address backlog.
  • Manage multimedia files in your database.
  • Easily monitor data entry and digitisation statistics.
  • Easily manage user permissions and access to records and authority files to adhere to data protection rules.
  • Stay in control of which collections are publicly accessible and which are confidential.
  • Store full audit trails of movements of records and collections.

Customer Case Study

Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
The old IT system was a dinosaur. The new system paid off in a year – despite numerous customised solutions. Everyone now has a completely different overview, accessibility and considerably shorter lead-times.
Els Alebregtse, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Hague

As information experts at the special library for the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, their task is to provide input to ministry civil servants so they can live up to the ministry motto: The Netherlands Healthy and Wellfare... Read more

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Details about features and functionality, and how our products address libraries collections management, can be found in the description of each product; take a look at our Case Studies for details about how our customers use our software; and, of course, talk to us.

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