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Moving Image Collections

The only solution designed to support film archival structure

Moving Image Collections

Our ready-made film archives solution allows you to have one central source of data for your collections management, freeing you from the need to manage multiple systems or to undertake the lengthy and expensive process of designing your own bespoke solution.

Our core product was initially developed in conjunction with the BFI and our systems are always designed by Axiell to meet the complex needs of film archives.

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FIAF Supporter
  • Implement the only system to adhere to the FIAF international film standard EN 15907.
  • Store, link and manage metadata at work level, manifestation level, variant level and item level.
  • Manage both your physical collections information and digital collections all in one system.
  • Ensure consistency of authority terms by linking to external thesauri and people databases.
  • Support cataloguing works, manifestation, variations and items.
  • Tailor the database to suit  your organisation’s requirements.
  • Integrate with your website to allow online searching.
  • Link multimedia files and documents to records to allow online access to digitised collections.
  • Create workflows to manage reading room requests.
  • Allow detailed searching or browsing by category.
  • Perform simple keyword searches and expert searches by date, reference number, file type, hierarchy level, keywords, associated subject, events and people.
  • Manage exact physical locations using hierarchies of locations.
  • Create flexible reports to monitor data quantity, quality and trends.
  • Manage assessments and treatments of objects and records.
  • Store detailed condition check information.
  • Manage treatment schedules and condition checks.
  • Monitor digitisation of collections.
  • Manage user permissions and access to records and authority files to adhere to data protection rules.
  • Stay in control of which collections are publicly accessible and which are confidential.
  • Store full audit trails of movements of records and collections.
  • Create efficient workflows to manage conservation, reading room requests, digitisation processes, etc.
  • Manage retrievals and returns using barcode scanning.
  • Create simple data entry processes to increase efficiency and accuracy of data entry.
  • Create reports to monitor the progress and efficiency of routine activities and projects.
  • Manage all your collection types in one place, saving time and money.
  • Integrate with your website using styling which matches the host sites.
  • Integrate with other systems using our open API to minimise manual data transfer.
  • Our film archives solutions have been driven by our customers at institutions such as the BFI.
  • Our future software development is driven by the needs of our growing number of high profile film archives.
  • Benefit from the functionality created by other film archives, but retain the ability to customise to your needs.
Because Axiell’s collection management system meets the EU Standard for cataloguing collections we can take a best practice approach to collection management, with a technology solution that supports open data and enables the SFI to manage multiple collections within the same system. Adlib is used by other film archives across the world, giving us confidence we have selected the right solution to support our strategy to preserve our extensive archive and make it accessible to anyone.
Mathias Rosengren, MD of Film Heritage Department, Swedish Film Institute

Customer Case Study: British Film Institute


BFI Head of Collections and Information, Gabriele Popp, says the time had come to rationalise the BFI’s organically growing collections and started the search for an organisation which could tackle this huge task. Enter Adlib “stage right”. With 4.5 million items, including film scripts, posters, storyboards, and a great deal more, it was a huge challenge to get a handle on everything collected since 1933. Homemade databases, lists and notes were scattered across the organisation, and some data was inevitably missing... Read more

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