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Powerful solutions designed to handle all your collections management needs


Our software has evolved over three decades to meet the requirements of some of the world’s largest and most prestigious museums and heritage sites, including the Egyptian Museum, National Museum of Australia and National WWII Museum. Our software is suitable for, and used by, all sizes and types of museum however, including small, local and specialist museums [View museum customers here].

Click the plus buttons below for details about how our software can help you to:

  • Manage specific and specialised collections through to broad mixed collections all in one system.
  • Manage mixed collections, including multimedia and text files, physical objects and collections in one place.
  • Perform simple keyword searches through to expert searches by date, reference number, file type, hierarchy level, keywords, associated subject, events and people.
  • Manage exact physical locations of objects for quick retrieval.
  • Ensure consistency of authority terms by linking to external thesauri or people databases.
  • Create flexible reports to monitor data quantity, quality and trends.
  • Visualise your information with management reports that highlight successes and areas of concern.
  • Publish your collections online and increase your online presence.
  • Integrate with your website to reduce duplication and ensure up to date information on the web.
  • Allow detailed online searching or browsing by category.
  • Link multimedia files and documents to records to allow online access to digitised collections.
  • Easily store and manage multimedia files for marketing use.
  • Minimise at risk data by utilising one central system for your collections.
  • Use specially built rapid data entry tools to address backlog.
  • Manage multimedia files in your database.
  • Easily monitor data entry and digitisation statistics; useful for reporting to project funders.
  • Document conditions and the conservation process and manage associated images.
  • Create effective workflows to manage the conservation process.
  • Manage and track internal and external movements, including specific transport requirements.
  • Manage transport and care requirement instructions with labelling and barcode functionality.
  • Store and analyse detailed trap and pest information via Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools.
  • Easily find, group and shortlist collections for upcoming exhibitions.
  • Quickly identify the status and availability of objects.
  • Quickly access object information for interpretation and store for future use.
  • Allow the public to use their own devices when interacting with exhibition content, fully integrated with the collection data.
  • Create task templates to support the accessioning process.
  • Support workflows for accessioning and loans.
  • Manage conditions checks.
  • Generate and store relevant legal and rights information.
  • Generate loan agreements.
  • Create automatic notifications for loan reminders.
  • Manage user permissions and authority to adhere to data protection.
  • Stay in control of which collections are publicly accessible and which are confidential.
  • Store full audit trails of movements of records and collections.

See what our customers have to say about our solutions

Mark Pajak, Head of Digital, Bristol Museums 

Axiell and the collection management solution Adlib proved beyond a doubt that they could meet our needs for streamlined workflows and our ambition to digitise our collection and make it available online, while maintaining control of the data and ensuring a positive ROI for the project.
Grace Lei, Macao Museum

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Details about features and functionality, and how our products address collections management and collections care, can be found in the description of each product; take a look at our Case Studies for details about how our customers use our software; and, of course, talk to us.

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