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Private and Corporate Collections

Solutions designed to help you protect the value of your collections

Private & Corporate Collections

Our collections management systems are used in some of the largest and most prestigious museums in the world; when you adopt one of our systems, you benefit from professional grade collections management tailored to the needs of private institutions and collectors. 

Our systems enable you to expertly monitor, access and care for your collections, and to value and insure your collections appropriately.

Click the plus buttons below for details about how our software can help you to:

  • Store and manage all your collections in one easy to use collections management system.
  • Document, categorise and monitor conditions of your objects.
  • Store a range of images, documents and multimedia files associated with your collections.
  • Plan preventive and curative actions to maintain and restore assets.
  • Track movements and locations of objects with ease.
  • Store high quality collections information on precise valuations.
  • Link to publicly available information sources and auction houses.
  • Ensure adequate data for fair insurance premiums.
  • Increase the ease of processing insurance claims by providing accurate data and conditions reports.
  • Access and search your collection information, wherever you are.
  • Perform simple keyword searches and expert searches by date, reference number, keywords, events and people.
  • Manage and access physical locations and status of objects.
  • Quickly build lists and groups of objects for use or review.
  • Manage sharing permissions with key contacts.
  • Retain the option to integrate with your website to share your collections.
  • Enable loans for temporary exhibitions in museums and galleries.
  • Manage rights of use and legal documentation.
  • Integrate with your website to publish collections information online.
  • Track and analyse the use of your collections online.
  • Integrate with e-commerce systems to monetise your assets.
  • Manage rights and assigned licenses.
  • Manage user permissions and authority.
  • Stay in control of which collections are publicly accessible and which are confidential.
  • Store full audit trails of movements of records and collections.

Our systems manage the collections of many private collectors as well as corporate collections, including BAE Systems, Boots, De Nederlandsche Bank and Diageo.

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