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Public Libraries

Engage, Manage, Create your Library of the future with Axiell

Engage your community

Consumer behaviour is changing under the influence of technology. A Library must engage with its community, and to do this it must understand what services its consumers are seeking, and then provide those services and market them in innovative ways:

  • Create targeted services by better understanding your Library and customers
  • Give your customers access to Library content from anywhere with mobile solutions
  • Communicate better and strengthen your identity within the community
  • Be a guide to quality content and reliable information by identifying and organising content of relevance
Public Libaries

Manage your library

Axiell’s solutions can help you manage your resources and budget efficiently. Automate tasks, adopt intuitive self-service solutions and free up your staff for high value-added services which exploit their knowledge and expertise. Make your Library a community hub through innovative use of digital technology:

  • Leverage our open and flexible technology platform to integrate Library services into a simple tool for your staff
  • Work smarter and with a deeper understanding of your stock and customers
  • Provide your staff, as well as your customers, with mobile solutions
  • Self-service solutions that can connect to any library management system


Public Libaries

Axiell can help you manage the digital transformation and provide an outstanding customer experience: provide the services that your customers want, when and where they want them. Digital technology solutions take the Library to the community:

  • Offer greater accessibility, diversity and quality of content through digital tools that enhance your Library service and extend your community
  • Provide your customers with digital content on their mobile devices from anywhere
  • Deliver content that reflects the community that you are the heart of
  • Improve accessibility by providing content in a variety of formats



Axiell is the leading supplier of IT systems and services to more than 3000 libraries, archives, museums and schools in Europe, including some of the biggest and most prestigious public libraries in Scandinavia and the UK. Our aim is to enable you to deliver a first class service.

Millions of end-users take advantage of the services provided by the public libraries we work with, and our solutions are at the very heart of them.  We provide everything you need:

  • Back-end systems
  • Discovery portals
  • Hubs between the e-media publisher and the patron
  • Self-service kiosks and RFID-products
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Our Vision is to support public library staff in their work promoting literacy, lifelong learning, creativity and democratic citizenship in their community.

We achieve this by supplying and supporting library specific, adaptable IT-solutions and equipment for integrated and efficient library processes.

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